3x3 DataBar

Keeping alcohol retailers competitive in the age of big box stores

Key deliverables:

Katherine Alvarado, Sarah Klamans, Will Kast
Sketch, InVision, OmniGraffle
UX designer
User research report, personas, annotated wireframes, clickable prototype

Full case study coming soon

1. Challenge

3x3 DataBar is a data analytics platform for independent alcohol retailers. This platform provides detailed information about every transaction that happens in a store. The original design is displayed below:

Our team was tasked with making 3x3 DataBar easier to use and understand.

2. Research

Before diving right into research, I established the business’ assumptions about the problems most alcohol retailers had:

  • Not easy to make informed decisions when purchasing products
  • Don't know when to schedule tastings or other special events
  • Difficult to set prices that will maximize profit

With these assumptions in place, I then determined the goals for user research:

  • Better understand users’ business strategy and behavior
  • Measure the understandability, ease of use, and helpfulness of DataBar

After speaking and testing with 10 individuals, I learned the following:

Retailers are often concerned about their competition's pricing and inventory.

“Is there a way I can see my competitors’ prices? I want to know how I'm doing locally.”

Those that care about their business spend a lot of time getting to know their customers.

“I need to be knowledgeable. I need to know the customers and their wants.”

People benefit from information about specific brands and individual products.

“At the end of the day, it’s about profit. I want to know which products make us the most money.”

Most retailers don't have the time to invest in learning about their store through a dashboard.

“I just don’t see myself spending hours on this to make sense of it. Just send me the highlights.”

With these insights in mind, I created two personas that represented our users’ goals and frustrations.

3. Problem

Based on our research, I challenged the assumption that retailers want to track detailed information about their in-store transactions. I proposed a new problem statement that better captured the goals of alcohol retailers.

Retailers need to be informed about what's going on in the alcohol industry so they can be more confident in their decisions and stay competitive in the age of big box stores.

4. Wireframes

5. Final design