Sweet Defeat

How we doubled the sales conversion rate of a product site


Neha Motipara, Katherine Alvarado, Sarah Klamans


Sketch, InVision, OmniGraffle


UX designer

Key deliverables

Annotated wireframes, clickable prototype, user flows


Sweet Defeat is a mint that helps curb sugar cravings by binding to the tongue’s taste receptors and blocking the taste of sweetness. It’s been featured in health and lifestyle media like The Doctors and Goop. The Sweet Defeat team asked us to help improve their product page and checkout process. Our redesign of these pages doubled Sweet Defeat’s conversion rate.

We identified quite a few problems with the original design, including:

• Poor site experience on mobile devices
• Lack of clarity about what the product is and how it's meant to be used
• Untrustworthy checkout experience

Wireframes & user flow

Final design

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